Heart Touching Birthday Wishes for Sister & Brother

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Happy Birthday Song Download

Happy Birthday Song #1

Title: hap-hap-happy-birthday

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Credit: Arif Usmani


Happy, hap-hap happy birthday,

you are special-special dude today,

Turru! hip-hip, hurray!

Happy Birthday Song #2

Title: your-birthday


Credit: Alexander Kläser

Lyrics 2:

Congratulations to the sweetheart,

Congratulations to the lord,

your birthday makes us very happy,

so we will wish you all the best!

Happy Birthday Song #3

Title: happy-birthday


Credit: Pützer

It’s your birthday, so we wish all the best to you.

Today sunshine with a wonderful time and your dreams may come true.

Harmony, love, and peace may guide you on your way,

so we wish you a happy birthday!

Heart Touching Birthday Song Lyrics to Sing

Happy Birthday Singing
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From morning ’til night, we’ll make sure it’s a special day

Time for hugs and laughter as this celebration starts

Our joyous hearts united together; let us give it our all!

Happy, happy birthday,

Let’s celebrate your presence here today

Hip-hip, hurray! This magical gift from up above

Give thanks for the friendship, our bond, and unconditional love.

We want to say congratulations, my friend.

And for your good health, may you never have an end

Good vibes were sent out like shining stars in the sky so bright

Your gifts of kindness will always light up each dark night.

It’s your birthday, so pour yourself something really sweet

Feeling infinite happiness and contentment ’cause now everything’s complete

Forever cherish these blessings right before your eyes

I hope the warmth of joy lives in your heart until infinity meets the skies!

Enjoy and celebrate birthdays with these beautiful-sounding songs.